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Angelo Vivo, a rising star from the San Francisco Bay Area, stands out as one of the most dedicated independent music artists on the rise. In an era where the music scene is often flooded with artists relying on superficial talents and quick routes to stardom, Vivo's genuine passion and relentless work ethic shine brightly. He is steadily carving his niche in the competitive world of Pop and R&B.

The contemporary music industry often feels overcrowded, with numerous individuals trying to gain recognition by any means necessary. Many artists resort to deceptive tactics and impatience, hoping for instant fame. In this landscape, Angelo Vivo is a breath of fresh air. He fearlessly invests his time and effort, refusing to succumb to shortcuts. His determination and refusal to be complacent set him apart from the crowd. . His commitment to his craft and his willingness to explore unconventional paths are truly inspiring, making him a beacon of authenticity in an industry often clouded by superficiality and impatience.

Angelo Vivo - WILD
Angelo Vivo - "Wild" (out now on all platforms)

Supporting independent artists becomes a truly rewarding experience when you encounter someone like Angelo, who genuinely values his craft and invests in creating a memorable journey for his listeners.

I took a listen to Angelo’s most recent project entitled “Wild” and fell in love with the vocals, theme, and overall production of the song. This track will take you out of your comfort zone and make you want to get up and dance like no one is watching.


Not many things are free in this world but last I checked likes, comments, follows and shares still are ,so be sure to tap in with Angelo Vivo on socials or at

Stream "Wild" today!


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