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Angelo Vivo hailing out of the San Francisco Bay Area is hands down one of the hardest working up and coming independent music artists in showbiz that is increasingly making a name for himself in the Pop and R&B charts. The music industry these days at times seems so overly saturated with people pumping out snake oil vocals and waiting in line…(not 6 feet apart) to ride the quick elevator to fame. It is so refreshing to have come across an artist like Vivo who isn’t afraid to put in that sweat equity, get some steps in and will walk, climb or shoot a damn grappling gun to get to that next level, rather than sit idly by and get caught up waiting in line to ride a crowded non-socially distant elevator to 360 deals.

Angelo Vivo - WILD
Angelo Vivo - "Wild" (out now on all platforms)

For new listeners one thing that you will truly appreciate outside of the quality of the music is the experience one gets outside of Spotify, Apply Music or whatever streaming platform you get your tunes from when you follow Vivo on socials. Angelo not only delivers quality music but he delivers quality campaigns to embody each of the release that he drops. The thought, effort and planning that goes into each of the rollouts for his singles creates anticipation for fans waiting for the newest track. At the end of the day if you love to support independent artists what more could you ask for than an artist that truly cares about his craft .

I took a listen to Angelo’s most recent project entitled “Wild” and fell in love with the vocals, theme, and overall production of the song. This track will take you out of your comfort zone and make you want to get up and dance like no one is watching.


Not many things are free in this world but last I checked likes, comments, follows and shares still are ,so be sure to tap in with Angelo Vivo on socials or at

Socials: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

Stream "Wild" today!

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