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  • Philadelphia’s Hottest New Pop Duo, Dom and Jesse: Bringing the Heat All Year Round.

    “You have the power to choose what season you are in every day you wake up…and if you want it to, it could be summer all year for you [too].” – Jesse According to Philadelphia’s hottest new duo, Dom and Jesse, summer should last all year. Fueled by their passion for spreading good vibes and creating a perpetual "Summer All Year" ambiance, Dom & Jesse excel as both a pop acoustic and a dynamic DJ duo. They recently played to a sold-out crowd at Milkboy, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of hanging out on a warm summer night with your favorite set of friends. With a well-curated lineup of opening acts, including A.N.T (now Anthony Winters), Brooke Falls, Steven Vizirov, and a crowd of die-hard fans, the night was electric, proving that the City of Brotherly Love knows how to show love, too.  The duo hail from Tellum, Connecticut, and West Palm Beach, Florida, but their love for the gritty Philadelphia music scene brought them to the city in 2019. Introduced by another duo, Dyshon Penn and Range Da Messenge of the Ring Music Collective, a chance meeting turned into a musical partnership. From what we’ve seen of the group, you better get your photo ops and autographs in now because it won’t be long until they truly hit their breakout moment, and they’ll be selling out areas in Philly and around the country.  Dom & Jesse truly captivated the audience at Milkboy, demonstrating a level of engagement that is increasingly rare in today's music scene. From seamlessly changing guitars to delivering the perfect melodies and riffs to energetically traversing the stage and encouraging the crowd to sing along enthusiastically, they curated an exceptional atmosphere filled with high notes. Their performance not only showcased their boundless energy but also highlighted their exceptional guitar skills, as they effortlessly switched between four guitars to suit each song, a feat that underscores their exceptional talent as musicians. While most artists may not even change guitars once during a set, the duo's four guitar switches exemplify their unparalleled dedication to their musical craft and ensure an unforgettable experience for their fans. From the first song to the last note, you could tell that they're dedicated to their craft in a way that makes fans feel special, and it’s that same feeling that had us walking out of the show truly believing that maybe summer does last as long as we create it. If you missed the show, you can experience it by streaming their latest EP release, "Summer 85," now on all streaming platforms. Combining modern and retro sounds, this album offers a nostalgic nod to classic feel-good music. While we can't pick a favorite track, "Love It" and "Soon You'll See" are currently tied for first place in our hearts and on our playlists. Be sure to check out their project and enjoy! Artist Feature: Dom & Jesse | Representation: The Ring Music Group | Genre: 80's Pop Follow Sheddin on Instagram  and TikTok  for more music and music reviews.

  • Heartbreak in the Fast Lane: Bishops 'Fast' Hit's Home.

    It's official. We've hit that time of year when we're all starting to curate our summer playlists, ready to roll down the windows and crank our favorite tunes as we cruise down Kelly Drive. And just in time, LA-based pop artist Bishop just released his second hit record " Fast" and just like that we have an indie pop record to put on repeat and in our hearts. Influenced by artists like Ben Platt, Troy Sivan, and sister band - Muna, Bishop teams up with pop producer, Leve to create a bop that you'll be singing nonstop. This record takes us on a too-familiar journey through a rendezvous that ends abruptly ( as they always seem to) and leaves Bishop ghosted, confused, and pissed. The outcome - A rhythmic ballad filled with beautiful croons and vocal prowess about the ridiculousness of being left in the middle of heartbreak to wrestle with your feelings of loss, almost love, and loneliness. Bishop has a way of making us want to sing. dance. cry, and drunk text all our failed side jawns all at once (we've done it all and we DO NOT recommend it). Whether you're listening to Bishop for the first time or you're an OG fan this song will make you feel seen and give us all the words to our ghosted relationships that we never knew we needed. You can stream "Fast" across all streaming platforms, follow Bishop on Instagram, and if you're lucky enough to be in LA tonight snag a ticket to his show LIVE at Breaking Sounds LA tonight. If you need us we'll be streaming Bishop's new bop and honestly, you probably will be too, ghosters be damned. TL;DR: LA's Bishop just dropped "Fast" – stream it now, follow him on socials, and catch his live show in LA tonight! HERE. Artist: Bishop | Producer: Leve | Mastering: Jonathan Berlin | Label: Mogul House | Genres; Indie Pop, Pop, Alt. Pop Follow Sheddin on Instagram and TikTok for more music and music reviews.

  • Fast Food and the Truth about Hip-Hop

    With the number of times people have said that hip-hop has died and come back to life, it could be a cat named Jesus. And as hip-hop has evolved d, it has begun to resemble something we all know closely and some of us love: fast-food chains. What are we talking about? Let us explain. Do you remember when you were a kid, and you’d be with y our parents driving home from school or an after-school program, and you’d see the red hair of the Wendy’s girl or the beautiful glow of the Golden Arches come into your view? It was almost like you could hear those juicy burgers and fries calling your name. But more times than not, your parents probably shot down your fast food dreams, saying,” Do you have McDonald’s money?” or even the infamous “There’s food at home!” Heartbreaking, we know, we were there. But our parents often didn’t let us fulfill our kid-like fast food cravings because fast food was never meant to be a daily dietary staple. As we all now know, it’s NOT the healthiest option. But somehow, now that we DO have that McDonald’s money, we’re all probably eating it too regularly instead of taking the time and energy to cook higher quality and healthier options at home. Do you see where we’re going with this? Fast food is like today’s hip-hop, and today’s hip-hop is like fast food. Yikes. The thing about fast-food chains is that they are expert influencers, targeting communities with solid purchasing power through meticulously planned advertising strategies. Everything from their menu choices to the locations they select is carefully calculated to create a daily demand for a product meant to be consumed sparingly. But do ya’ll hear us? You can't reap the rewards of manipulated consumption without acknowledging the consequences. And the music industry is the same way, particularly in hip-hop. What once was meaningful packed lyrics, rallying anthems and ciphers about fighting back against racism, injustices, and truth, has turned into water downed mumble raps, repetitive club beats, and rappers with no skin in the game flashing cars they can’t afford to buy, chains they didn’t earn, and creating chaos and noise in a world already overloaded with bogus people famous for nothing but dumb antics. To harm the body is to sever the mind. Just as consumer advocates rally against the fast-food industry and hold it accountable for failing to inform consumers about their choices adequately, there are artists and platforms in the hip-hop world advocating for discerning consumers. And it’s about damn time. We see a transformation in the music industry, marked by a "woke" and conscious trend rooted in a grassroots movement to reintroduce authentic music. Like fast food, quick indulgence in shallow music can leave you empty, but a well-crafted, independent musical experience can keep you returning for more. It would be unfair to blame the entire industry for the state of hip-hop today or every artist, but the ones producing subpar music? We’re looking at you. We get it; you’re just capitalizing on opportunities. But it’s time for ya’ll to face the music ( no pun intended) and reap the repercussions of your actions. While the era of mumble rap and its inherent contradiction persists, we look forward to a shift and changing the guard in music toward a revival of genuine music. We’re ready for a departure from the fast-food-style music constantly shoved into the airwaves by the powers that be and look forward to reclaiming what makes music genuinely great. It’s time to stop eating fast food and start cooking at home.

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  • SHEDDIN.COM | Where real music happens.

    Philadelphia’s Hottest New Pop Duo, Dom and Jesse: Bringing the Heat All Year Round. READ MORE Philadelphia’s Hottest New Pop Duo, Dom and Jesse: Bringing the Heat All Year Round. “You have the power to choose what season you are in every day you wake up…and if you want it to, it could be summer all year for you... Heartbreak in the Fast Lane: Bishops 'Fast' Hit's Home. It's official. We've hit that time of year when we're all starting to curate our summer playlists, ready to roll down the windows and... WILD TIMES WITH ANGELO VIVO Angelo Vivo, a rising star from the San Francisco Bay Area, stands out as one of the most dedicated independent music artists on the... GLORY: SPADE-O X AB LIVE To truly make a mark in the world, authenticity and unapologetic self-expression are key. AB Liva and Spade-O's album release party for... THE CROWD WAS LIKE OH SH*T... What's my take on Cain's performance? Well, picture this: you're in the midst of a Philly crowd, and suddenly, you hear a collective gasp... THE MOST SWAGGED OUT HOUSE PARTY... If Samoht graces your city, prepare yourself for an incredibly inspiring show. What could be a more exhilarating way to kick off a new... 1 2 Just some random inspo to get you through the week. We started a new playlist to put people on to new music. So if you're interested in adding your song to the playlist drop us note to submit.

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