My thoughts on watching Cain perform? When you hear a literal GASP and an audible “Oh SHIT!” from a Philly crowd you do a double-take to make sure you heard that last verse correctly. Philly can be a funny ass town or at least the crowds can be very bourgeoisie at times when it comes to the music scene. Just ask Desiigner when the next time he plans to perform at a 76ers game. Even as a fan sometimes you have to be confident in your own self because if you're going to wait for a crowd of strangers to validate your existence for being the only person on the dance floor you might as well call your Uber now. So the fact that Cain had the whole audience vibing out was actually quite impressive.

Being an independent artist, developing a fan base, selling merch, pushing out content and having a 9-5 can be hard enough. So when you're tasked also with performing in front of crowds that are there only to only hear their homie and bounce...If you can get that type of audience to respond and F with you, then my guy you’re doing something right…you special (in my DJ Khaled voice).

Cain Kerner

To get love from a audience Philly

Step 1: Be authentic

Step 2: Perform like you give zero fucks

It really is that simple. You need to zone out and perform to the point that the cats who's been mean mugging every performance with the same warm ass drink from a hour ½ ago holding up the wall starts to feel out of place. When you're able to accomplish this, realize that means you are leveling up. For me watching the reactions and mannerisms of an audience while a performance is going on and seeing if they are just going to be in their own world or are they going to buy-in and give an artist a chance to move them allows me to write from a unique perspective.