My thoughts on watching Cain perform? When you hear a literal GASP and an audible “Oh SHIT!” from a Philly crowd you do a double-take to make sure you heard that last verse correctly. Philly can be a funny ass town or at least the crowds can be very bourgeoisie at times when it comes to the music scene. Just ask Desiigner when the next time he plans to perform at a 76ers game. Even as a fan sometimes you have to be confident in your own self because if you're going to wait for a crowd of strangers to validate your existence for being the only person on the dance floor you might as well call your Uber now. So the fact that Cain had the whole audience vibing out was actually quite impressive.

Being an independent artist, developing a fan base, selling merch, pushing out content and having a 9-5 can be hard enough. So when you're tasked also with performing in front of crowds that are there only to only hear their homie and bounce...If you can get that type of audience to respond and F with you, then my guy you’re doing something right…you special (in my DJ Khaled voice).

Cain Kerner

To get love from a audience Philly

Step 1: Be authentic

Step 2: Perform like you give zero fucks

It really is that simple. You need to zone out and perform to the point that the cats who's been mean mugging every performance with the same warm ass drink from a hour ½ ago holding up the wall starts to feel out of place. When you're able to accomplish this, realize that means you are leveling up. For me watching the reactions and mannerisms of an audience while a performance is going on and seeing if they are just going to be in their own world or are they going to buy-in and give an artist a chance to move them allows me to write from a unique perspective.

The second Cain grabbed the mic I could see that their attention was instantly grabbed. It might be cliche but this is big facts..."You only get one chance to make a first impression" if you're serious about your craft you always need to come with your "A" game. In business your appearance amounts to 80% of your effectiveness so imagine the impact as an entertainer? Like have you ever looked at someone and be like…damn they just look famous? As an entertainer ones appearance is a hard thing to balance and figure out because its a representation of your identity, you need to stand out but at the same time come off like you’re not trying.

Cain Kerner

What to wear comes naturally for some people, others they can just throw shit on and it magically works (but even for the latter they still have to realize that just throwing shit on works for them) and then you have people that don’t know what the fuck they are doing or wearing and it shows. That quintessential “IT factor”, drip, sauce, swag whatever the hell kids call it these days Cain has all of it. He can draw in and captivate the hell out of an audience and what’s equally as rare and impressive is that its not on some type of cocky shit....imagine that. He just moves different and as a result he can be in his own world and zone out on stage. I am really trying to wrap my head around who this artist reminds me of to give you as a reader a better visual of the type of artist he is and the crazy thing I cant really think of anyone but what’s also equally as great about that is that it doesn’t even matter.

When I saw Cain performing his unreleased song called “Best Friend” not only was the beat fire but also more importantly you can tell this guy really is a lyricist. It was something about the song with its funny quips and WTF moments that drew you in as a listener and kept the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. When was the last time you've been to a show and someone yells "Oh Shit!" because they didn't expect that plot twist coming in the song? To me that was my oh shit moment because even if people weren't up dancing the whole time or filling the front of the stage it showed that they were listening. Also when you start seeing both the ladies and fellas start pulling out their phones in the middle of the performance you know it's a banger. So you're probably thinking damn...I want to hear the song right now the only way you can hear it is by following @cainkerner on Instagram and seeing when he posts his next show or drops the single.

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Also I would be remised if I didn’t shout out Joey Stix one of the nastiest drummers and artists in Philly who sent me the invite to this show. Across the tri-state area Joey actually curates tons of shows giving a platform for artists like Cain to get exposure to new audiences. Joey is also the frontman for Joey Stix Experiment, 1/3 of the Illfated Natives and is hands down one of the hardest working cats in Philly, curating shows all over Philly putting on nothing but dope acts for the people.