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What's my take on Cain's performance? Well, picture this: you're in the midst of a Philly crowd, and suddenly, you hear a collective gasp followed by an audible "Oh SHIT!" when Cain drops his verse. Philly crowds can be a bit peculiar, sometimes even bordering on the bourgeoisie when it comes to music. Just ask Desiigner about his experience performing at a 76ers game. As a fan, you need to believe in yourself because if you wait for a room full of strangers to validate your presence on the dance floor, you might as well call your Uber now. So, the fact that Cain had the entire audience grooving to his beats was genuinely impressive.

Being an independent artist, managing a fan base, selling merch, creating content, and holding down a 9-5 job is challenging enough. But when you're faced with an audience that's there solely for their friends and some bouncing, winning them over is no small feat. If you can get that type of crowd to vibe with you, my friend, you're doing something right—you're unique, you're special (cue DJ Khaled's voice).

Cain Kerner

To get love from a audience Philly

Step 1: Be authentic

Step 2: Perform like you give zero fucks

It's as simple as that. You must immerse yourself in your performance to the point that even the folks who've been scowling and nursing the same lukewarm drink against the wall start feeling out of place. When you achieve this, know that you're leveling up. For me, observing the audience's reactions and body language during a performance, gauging whether they're in their own world or willing to let an artist move them, provides a unique perspective to write from.

The moment Cain took the mic, I could see that he had their undivided attention. It may sound cliché, but it's true: "You only get one chance to make a first impression." If you're serious about your craft, you always need to bring your "A" game. In business, your appearance accounts for 80% of your effectiveness, so imagine the impact as an entertainer. Ever looked at someone and thought, "Wow, they look famous"? As an entertainer, striking the right balance between standing out and not trying too hard is a challenging tightrope walk.

Cain Kerner

For some, knowing what to wear is second nature, while others can throw on anything and make it work (though they too must recognize that their casual approach works for them). Then there are those who struggle with their identity and fashion choices, and it shows. That elusive "IT factor," drip, sauce, swag, or whatever the kids call it these days—Cain possesses all of it. He can draw in and captivate an audience, and what's equally remarkable is that it doesn't come across as cocky; he simply moves differently, allowing him to immerse himself in his own world on stage. I'm trying to wrap my head around who Cain reminds me of to give you a clearer picture of his artistry, but strangely, I can't. Yet, what's equally fantastic is that it doesn't even matter.

When I saw Cain perform his unreleased track, "Best Friend," not only was the beat fire, but, more importantly, you could tell this guy is a lyricist. There was something about the song, with its witty lines and unexpected twists, that drew listeners in and kept the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. When was the last time you attended a show where someone yelled "Oh Shit!" because they didn't see that plot twist coming in a song? That was my "Oh Shit" moment, because even if people weren't dancing the whole time or crowding the front of the stage, it showed that they were truly listening. And when both the ladies and gents start pulling out their phones mid-performance, you know it's a certified banger. So, if you're thinking, "I want to hear the song right now," the only way to do so is by following @cainkerner on Instagram and keeping an eye out for his next show or single drop.

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Also I would be remised if I didn’t shout out Joey Stix one of the nastiest drummers and artists in Philly who sent me the invite to this show. Across the tri-state area Joey actually curates tons of shows giving a platform for artists like Cain to get exposure to new audiences. Joey is also the frontman for Joey Stix Experiment, 1/3 of the Illfated Natives and is hands down one of the hardest working cats in Philly, curating shows all over Philly putting on nothing but dope acts for the people.


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