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To truly make a mark in the world, authenticity and unapologetic self-expression are key. AB Liva and Spade-O's album release party for "Glory" exemplified this unapologetic authenticity to perfection. The evening, meant to celebrate the creative brilliance of these two individuals, was not just about them; it was about the people. What stood out the most was the absence of egos in the room, defying the stereotype that Philly lacks support. Instead, attendees engaged in genuine connections, networking, and discussions about collaborations, debunking the myth that Philly doesn't show love. There's a palpable energy in the Philly air, indicating that the city is on the brink of a cultural explosion, and it won't be a surprise when Philly takes the lead.

This event wasn't about superficial appearances; it was about the hustle, the grind, and most importantly, the music. Spade-O set the tone by emphasizing that the night was about the music, the very essence of why they entered the industry in the first place.

"Glory" takes its listeners on a musical odyssey, from anthems that make you wave your lighter in the air to tracks with beats so infectious they make your face scrunch up in sheer admiration of the bars and lyricism. Liva and Spade-O aren't just your favorite rappers; they're the favorites of your favorite rappers, true legends in the game. The album displays a seamless transition from track to track, revealing the meticulous effort invested in its creation. Much like a live performance, designed to elevate the crowd's energy and then bring it down only to skyrocket it again, this album achieves this rhythm effortlessly. It establishes a deep connection with the listener, encouraging them to appreciate the entire record from start to finish.

In an industry dominated by instant, easily digestible content, stumbling upon a hidden gem, a carefully crafted masterpiece like "Glory," is like savoring a meticulously prepared gourmet meal in a world obsessed with fast food. Amidst the flood of 15-second highlights, finding true authenticity in music, as showcased in this album, is profoundly refreshing.

Artists rooted in Philly have a unique advantage. The city provides all the necessary elements for success. Instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere, artists should focus on becoming the force that generates the wave. Are you the spark or the explosion? Unless your name starts with "atomic," explosions are typically short-lived. But the spark, that enduring essence, remains timeless, always relevant and always burning. It's not just a Philly phenomenon; people often underestimate their own cities. There's a misguided belief that artists must leave their hometowns to make it big. However, Philly, as the sixth-largest city in the world's most powerful country, holds significant clout. It's a city built on hustle, innovation, risk-taking, and trendsetting. Embracing the distinctive Philly style, speech, and mannerisms is what sets the city apart. Philly doesn't need to mimic trends; being true to itself has always been more than enough. Gratitude is owed to AB Liva and Spade-O, who are pioneers in the game, reshaping the city's focus and reminding everyone to embrace the genuine cadence of Philly.


You can purchase and listen to Glory on all streaming platforms

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