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Want to stand out in the world? Be authentic and unapologetic about it. The album release party by AB Liva and Spade-O for the album “Glory” was textbook for describing unapologetic authenticity. On a night intended to celebrate the creative genius of two individuals, the night also was designed to be about the people. The only thing missing from that night was a room filled with egos and who said Philly doesn’t show love? I would look around during the event and literally see strangers walking up to each other, networking, exchanging info, talking about collaboration, so when you hear this narrative that says Philly doesn’t support there is something in the water because its changing. There is something brewing in air in Philly so don’t be surprised when shit starts poppin off that Philly is at the forefront. The evening wasn’t about being “seen” it was about the hustle, the grind…the music. Major shout out to Spade-O for setting the tone when he took the mic and addressed the crowd to kick it off and said:

“…We could of made this night about bottles and models…but I wanted this night to be about the music…you know…the reason why we got into this shit in the first place.”

The album Glory takes you on a musical journey that will have you busting out and waving a damn lighter, to bobbing you head to a sick ass groove with the nastiest stank face because of the damn bars and lyricism in this record. Liva and Spade-O is legit your favorite rappers…favorite rappers, two true legends in the game. Glory has a great cohesion and transition from track to track, one can tell that this was not just something thrown together just to put something out. The same way a live performance is designed to hype the crowd up, settle them down and keep them in the pocket only to blow their minds again, this album achieves this effortlessly. Creating a connection with listener to actually appreciate and listen to this record front to back.

The world of music at times feels like one big ass fast food joint, whatever is convenient, readily available, easily accessible and easily made is what becomes consumed and popular. But there is something to be said about finding a hidden gem and consuming a meal that has been thoughtfully prepared and plated. In that world filled with 15 seconds highlight reels it is refreshing to hear true authenticity on wax through this Glory album.

Artists that can call Philly their hometown have a leg up on the world when it comes to music and that’s no bullshit. What do you need as an artist that is not available here in Philadelphia? Be the wind that creates the wave rather than paddling so hard hoping to catch one. Do you want to be the spark or the boom? Unless your first name begins with atomic, when something blows up its typically short lived. But guess what happens when the dust settles? It needs that spark…Shiiiiiiiieeeeet…That spark…That spark is the essence that is around for and the catalyst to every boom. That spark is that pilot light that never goes out and regardless of time or space will always remain relevant and be lit.

It’s not just a Philly thing but in general people have a tendency to shit on their own city and there is this tendency that an artist needs to move away from their hometown in order to pop off. Philly is the 6th largest city in the most powerful country in the world…this counts for something. Philadelphia literally has set the bar for the way the country moves, economically, musically and creatively. The 1st Art Museum, the 1st stock exchange, the 1st University, the 1st library, the 1st US Mint, the 1st city to guarantee religious freedom…not New York, not Atlanta, Not Los Angeles…Philly. This is a city founded on the grind the hustle, being different, taking risks and setting tones. There is a certain cadence to our speech, a style to our dress, the movements and mannerisms to our sway that we all commonly share. Embrace this! This is what makes Philly we don’t need to sound like what is trending…being ourselves has always been good enough. I am thankful for the two goats in this game to help re-shift the focus in the city to get people on the right track to realize and appreciate the cadence of Philly.


You can purchase and listen to Glory on all streaming platforms

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