If Samoht comes to your city get ready for a really fucking inspiring show. What could possibly be a more dope ass way to kick off a new album tour? Oh...just a sold out show at a private loft in Philly! Major shout outs to Quincy (follow on IG @quincyartt), Q who played host and all those in Samoht's team for executing so beautifully on such an amazing vision. Independent artists take note. From a business and artistic perspective the intimacy that this tour delivers makes sooo much sense. Samoht's music and performances are like an art installation of a one man show doing open heart surgery on himself.

As much as his music is for his fans, I found it to be equally if not more-so created for himself regardless if anyone supported it which makes it even that more powerful. The authenticity of his writing and performances is what all you new fans will fall in love with. In a world where there are so many frauds and fake news, seeing someone be unapologetically themselves is a beautiful thing to witness. The tension and emotional rollercoaster that Samoht puts the audience through in his live performances is amazing to feel and be apart of, with every element visually and sonically being thoughtfully constructed and manipulated like a conductor directing an orchestra.

Arriving to attend a show at a loft vs some venue or bar sets a whole different tone and creates a completely different vibe and unity amongst all those in attendance. From over hearing conversations of what brought strangers together as I was going up in the elevator to having the host greet you at the door instead of a bouncer feeling you up, sets the respect and tone from the jump that this is show is going to be different from any other show I've been to in the past. This is hands down the most swagged out house party you will go to this year. You will definitely feel like one of the "cool kids" being in attendance and telling your friends via your Instagram story how they missed out on being apart of something pretty cool.

Seeing an artist at an undisclosed location in your city that is only unveiled after purchasing a ticket, makes you feel like you're attending something very exclusive. I seen Samoht perform in Philly at the first stop of his OMEN tour and thought I was at some type of grammy after party, reserved only for close friends & family. This vibe was dope, to be surrounded by complete strangers but at the same time feeling like you were amongst friends was a really cool feeling. Supporting artists at this stage in their career is so important as fans and also very fun because when the mainstream finally recognizes what you knew all along, when they win it really feels like you won too! Sharing photos or telling stories of..."Hey I knew Samoht way back when he was...etc" is fun as hell. This is an artist that you definitely want to jump on their wave early because these moments are rare. Do not take for granted the access you have with an artist at this stage. Where Samoht's career is headed these opportunities may be less frequent and definitely less intimate.