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If Samoht graces your city, prepare yourself for an incredibly inspiring show. What could be a more exhilarating way to kick off a new album tour than a sold-out performance at a private loft in Philly? Massive kudos to Quincy (follow on IG @quincyartt), Q, the host, and everyone on Samoht's team for flawlessly executing such a brilliant vision. Independent artists, take heed. From both a business and artistic perspective, the intimate atmosphere this tour offers makes perfect sense. Samoht's music and performances are akin to an art installation, a one-man show conducting open-heart surgery on himself.

While his music is undoubtedly for his fans, I believe it's equally, if not more so, created for himself. This intrinsic authenticity in his writing and performances is what will captivate you as new fans. In a world drowning in fraudulence and fake news, witnessing someone unapologetically true to themselves is a beautiful spectacle. The emotional rollercoaster Samoht takes his audience on during his live performances is extraordinary, with every element, visually and sonically, meticulously crafted and manipulated, akin to a conductor directing an orchestra. Attending a show at a loft, as opposed to a conventional venue or bar, sets an entirely different tone, fostering a unique vibe and camaraderie among attendees. Overhearing conversations of what brought strangers together in the elevator and being greeted at the door by a host rather than a bouncer immediately establishes an atmosphere of respect and sets the tone for a show that's unlike any other. This event feels like the most stylish house party you'll attend all year. You'll undoubtedly feel like one of the "cool kids," sharing the experience on your Instagram story while your friends lament missing out on something incredibly cool.

Attending an event at an undisclosed location in your city, only revealed post-ticket purchase, imparts a sense of exclusivity. When I witnessed Samoht perform in Philly, the first stop of his OMEN tour, I felt like I was at an exclusive Grammy after-party, reserved only for close friends and family. It was remarkable to be surrounded by strangers yet feel like I was among friends. Supporting artists at this stage of their careers is vital as fans, and it's incredibly gratifying. When the mainstream finally recognizes what you've known all along, their victories feel like yours too. Sharing photos or tales of "I knew Samoht way back when he was..." is immensely satisfying. Samoht is an artist you want to champion early because these moments are rare. Don't take for granted the access you have to an artist at this stage. As Samoht's career propels forward, these opportunities may become less frequent and certainly less intimate.

I had the opportunity to chat with another concert-goer and learn about what brought him there and what about Samoht's music inspired him. He shared a poignant story about how Samoht's music moved him to tears, even at work. He also recounted a time when he messaged Samoht on Instagram and, surprisingly, Samoht responded with words of encouragement. Moments like these are the building blocks for higher elevation. This theme resonated throughout the night as people shared their stories of reaching out to express gratitude, only to have Samoht respond with comfort and gratitude. While one can't expect an artist to respond to every DM, especially as Samoht's popularity grows, it's incredibly heartwarming as a fan to see an artist appreciate their fans' support with more than just a double-tap or a heart emoji. Samoht's social media presence comes across as genuine, and I had the opportunity to speak with him one-on-one after the show. We chatted more as a fan than as a journalist, offering me a different perspective to write from. These moments and the subsequent ripple effects build fan bases and create unwavering loyalty among current and future fans.

My introduction to Samoht's music occurred on Instagram when I stumbled upon his cover of "Evergreen" by Yebba Smith. In less than 20 seconds, the raw authenticity of his delivery grabbed my attention, leaving me intrigued and eager to explore more. Since then, I've been an instant fan. Many can sing and showcase vocal acrobatics, but not everyone possesses the substance and power behind their words. What grants a person longevity in the music industry is enduring authenticity. Imagine someone reading aloud their diary or journal, baring all their insecurities and vulnerabilities in front of friends, family, and strangers. The inspiration and freedom Samoht masterfully infuses into his music and performances create powerful moments. During his live performances, I observed fans putting down their phones, choosing to be fully present in the moment rather than recording, a testament to the magic he creates.

Samoht's live performances of "Don't Wait" and "Let it Go" were so incredibly moving that the only thing missing was an offering bucket. In fact, someone in the audience spontaneously shouted, "Pass around the offering plate," followed by a few amens. During his performance of "Don't Wait," an impromptu call-and-response developed among the audience, creating a beautiful connection with the lyrics. Samoht's improvisations at the end of the song craft a delicate balance of tension, evoking sympathy, sadness, and empowerment, all within six minutes. It's nothing short of breathtaking. In "Let it Go," another personal favorite, Samoht instructed the audience to release their insecurities, making the process seem as easy as opening one's hand. It was a profoundly powerful moment. Watching him deliver these songs live provided a newfound appreciation for his vocal runs, the tone of his lower register, and the depth of his lyrics.

It's challenging to categorize Samoht's music into a specific genre or compare him to any other artist, and that's a wonderful thing. Having a sound so unique that people can only describe you in a sentence is rare. I'd describe his songs as "RAW TRUTH," or as one concert-goer aptly put it during the Q&A session, "ratchet gospel" (said with the utmost respect). His new EP, titled "OMEN," exudes an inspirational and redemptive quality, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music and be vulnerable, allowing themselves to be rebuilt.

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