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Heartbreak in the Fast Lane: Bishops 'Fast' Hit's Home.

It's official. We've hit that time of year when we're all starting to curate our summer playlists, ready to roll down the windows and crank our favorite tunes as we cruise down Kelly Drive. And just in time, LA-based pop artist Bishop just released his second hit record " Fast" and just like that we have an indie pop record to put on repeat and in our hearts. Influenced by artists like Ben Platt, Troy Sivan, and sister band - Muna, Bishop teams up with pop producer, Leve to create a bop that you'll be singing nonstop. This record takes us on a too-familiar journey through a

rendezvous that ends abruptly ( as they always seem to) and leaves Bishop ghosted, confused, and pissed. The outcome - A rhythmic ballad filled with beautiful croons and vocal prowess about the ridiculousness of being left in the middle of heartbreak to wrestle with your feelings of loss, almost love, and loneliness.

Bishop has a way of making us want to sing. dance. cry, and drunk text all our failed side jawns all at once (we've done it all and we DO NOT recommend it). Whether you're listening to Bishop for the first time or you're an OG fan this song will make you feel seen and give us all the words to our ghosted relationships that we never knew we needed.

You can stream "Fast" across all streaming platforms, follow Bishop on Instagram, and if you're lucky enough to be in LA tonight snag a ticket to his show LIVE at Breaking Sounds LA tonight.

If you need us we'll be streaming Bishop's new bop and honestly, you probably will be too, ghosters be damned.

TL;DR: LA's Bishop just dropped "Fast" – stream it now, follow him on socials, and catch his live show in LA tonight! HERE.

Artist: Bishop | Producer: Leve | Mastering: Jonathan Berlin | Label: Mogul House | Genres; Indie Pop, Pop, Alt. Pop

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