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Sway Calloway's 5 Fingers of Death: Setting the Gold Standard in Music Discovery

Creator: Mike Coppola | Credit: Getty Images| Copyright: 2019 Getty Images

Much like how Johnny Carson revolutionized interviews and introduced new comedians to the world, Sway Calloway has become synonymous with authentic music discovery through his segment '5 Fingers of Death' on the popular show 'Sway in the Morning' on Sirius XM Radio. While the concept of inviting artists to freestyle over random beats isn't novel, Sway has elevated it to an art form, setting an unparalleled standard in the industry.

Comparing this phenomenon to Michael Jackson's moonwalk, it's safe to assume that other hosts might have attempted a similar approach in the past. However, Sway stands out as the best, a fact attested not just by my opinion but also by the YouTube community. To gauge the authenticity of any content, one only needs to read the honest and passionate opinions shared in the YouTube comments section of popular videos featuring Sway's interviews. His unique style and genuine passion for music have truly set a gold standard in the realm of musical discovery.

The 5 fingers of death will make or break an artist or fraud. Not everyone can handle it. I remember watching an interview where I wish he would call out the frauds by name where he would bring artists on and they themselves would say I am cool with the interview but I am not trying to come in there and rap. That’s like me having a show on TV where I interview basketball players where people tune in to here me talk to athletes about the fundamentals of basketball and them telling me I’ll talk but don’t ask me to dribble, shoot, or dunk though.

If consider yourself to be a lover of music regardless of genre, love a real MC, can appreciate hip-hop check out King Los. Literally one of my favorite artists that Sway introduced me to via the 5 fingers of death. Check out the below video below of the epic true freestyle flow of a real MC destroying the mic. This is real talent, real music.

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For the latest and greatest from King Los check out his latest work God, Money, War on iTunes


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