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From the creative minds of Joey “Stix” & Terrance “Mac” comes Move Something, a live music dance party / concert experience held at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia in partnership with Live Nation. Stix and Mac are really on to something special with this one. When coming to a Move Something dance party expect to encounter an elevated elevated club / concert experience, with a lineup personally curated by Stix and Mac featuring the best local DJs, Musicians and Artists alike ready to party.

Hosted by Queen Jo who was just super fun the entire night and a great ball of energy. Sheddin was able to sit down with Queen Jo for a quick interview to give her thoughts on the event, you can check out or interview with Queen Jo and a few of the other featured acts that were on the main stage below.

From covering a lot of events wether you’re an artist or DJ no one likes playing to a dead crowd full of wall flowers but with the structure of Move Something featuring DJs and not just as an interlude between bands setting up they were able to always keep the energy high and the people engaged and that was just so refreshing to see. Looking into the crowd we saw every shade in the crayon box represented, and its just something really fun about the power of music and how it can bring all types of people together.


Here are our quick take aways from Move Something

  1. For artists / DJs Move Something great platform to showcase your talent at a notable venue to network and get new fans.

  2. Tired of the typical “club scene” but want to get dressed up to have a fun night of partying Move Something is your spot

  3. Get on the bandwagon now, it would be dope to see this event tour at all the other Brooklyn Bowl locations

  4. Theres always something entertaining going on, wether its talking to a vendor or just grabbing some shoes to go bowl there’s plenty to do for fun at Brooklyn Bowl.

  5. Cant wait for the next one!


We didn’t get a chance to connect with everyone that took the stage but want to also shout out the co-sponsors of the event Soundroom and REC Philly. Special shout out to all the artists that stopped by our cameras to chat, be sure to follow them on instagram! Check out the videos below of the artists we were able to chat with during the event.


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