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Photo by: Emma Lee/WHYY

If you believe that #FREEMEEK is solely about getting a person out of jail for a violation of probation then you missed the bigger picture.

If you reference the antiquated philosophy of “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime” to decry the outpouring of support for Meek Mills you are misguided.

There is no question that the attention that Meek is having is due to the notoriety that comes with the territory but if his encounter with the justice system can cause even a little bit of change, a little bit of progress or even just shed greater light the injustice within the judicial system to promote change why be against that? Even if Meek serves the full 2 years his misfortune may be the catalyst that aids the next average Joe to not experience a gave mishandling or misfortune of the court system. Where is the harm in that? We the people are the checks and balance for our government.

Yes we know that Philly schools need help, yes there are a million other things that can be protested and yes we hear you and seen all 30 posts and reposts on Facebook of your cousin still in jail for similar problems but lets be like Michael and look in the mirror for a moment. First of all did you even vote on November 7th?

But seriously who is the school commissioner? Can you name 5 people in your government that is not the Mayor or Police commissioner? The issues that people bring up that are “more important” than the #FREEMEEK movement to solve and address them first start with your elected officials just to be clear.

Try speaking poetically to a melody with a beat and touch millions of people around the world AND to the point that they will use their discretionary income to support your dream to continue to speak your voice.

This is bigger than Meek Mills the same way Colin Kapernick taking a knee to protest police brutality becoming a movement larger than the issue in which it was originally grounded in. When ever I debate I never look to change a persons mind I look for them to understand my perspective. Once a person can truly understands another persons point of view regardless if you have your own progress can be made. Being a spectator and telling someone on stage to go left remember even if they listened they would be going in the wrong direction, you need to speak from their point of view…trolls kindly exit stage left.

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