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  • Fast Food and the Truth about Hip-Hop

    With the number of times people have said that hip-hop has died and come back to life, it could be a cat named Jesus. And as hip-hop has evolved d, it has begun to resemble something we all know closely and some of us love: fast-food chains. What are we talking about? Let us explain. Do you remember when you were a kid, and you’d be with y our parents driving home from school or an after-school program, and you’d see the red hair of the Wendy’s girl or the beautiful glow of the Golden Arches come into your view? It was almost like you could hear those juicy burgers and fries calling your name. But more times than not, your parents probably shot down your fast food dreams, saying,” Do you have McDonald’s money?” or even the infamous “There’s food at home!” Heartbreaking, we know, we were there. But our parents often didn’t let us fulfill our kid-like fast food cravings because fast food was never meant to be a daily dietary staple. As we all now know, it’s NOT the healthiest option. But somehow, now that we DO have that McDonald’s money, we’re all probably eating it too regularly instead of taking the time and energy to cook higher quality and healthier options at home. Do you see where we’re going with this? Fast food is like today’s hip-hop, and today’s hip-hop is like fast food. Yikes. The thing about fast-food chains is that they are expert influencers, targeting communities with solid purchasing power through meticulously planned advertising strategies. Everything from their menu choices to the locations they select is carefully calculated to create a daily demand for a product meant to be consumed sparingly. But do ya’ll hear us? You can't reap the rewards of manipulated consumption without acknowledging the consequences. And the music industry is the same way, particularly in hip-hop. What once was meaningful packed lyrics, rallying anthems and ciphers about fighting back against racism, injustices, and truth, has turned into water downed mumble raps, repetitive club beats, and rappers with no skin in the game flashing cars they can’t afford to buy, chains they didn’t earn, and creating chaos and noise in a world already overloaded with bogus people famous for nothing but dumb antics. To harm the body is to sever the mind. Just as consumer advocates rally against the fast-food industry and hold it accountable for failing to inform consumers about their choices adequately, there are artists and platforms in the hip-hop world advocating for discerning consumers. And it’s about damn time. We see a transformation in the music industry, marked by a "woke" and conscious trend rooted in a grassroots movement to reintroduce authentic music. Like fast food, quick indulgence in shallow music can leave you empty, but a well-crafted, independent musical experience can keep you returning for more. It would be unfair to blame the entire industry for the state of hip-hop today or every artist, but the ones producing subpar music? We’re looking at you. We get it; you’re just capitalizing on opportunities. But it’s time for ya’ll to face the music ( no pun intended) and reap the repercussions of your actions. While the era of mumble rap and its inherent contradiction persists, we look forward to a shift and changing the guard in music toward a revival of genuine music. We’re ready for a departure from the fast-food-style music constantly shoved into the airwaves by the powers that be and look forward to reclaiming what makes music genuinely great. It’s time to stop eating fast food and start cooking at home.

  • Sway Calloway's 5 Fingers of Death: Setting the Gold Standard in Music Discovery

    Creator: Mike Coppola | Credit: Getty Images| Copyright: 2019 Getty Images Much like how Johnny Carson revolutionized interviews and introduced new comedians to the world, Sway Calloway has become synonymous with authentic music discovery through his segment '5 Fingers of Death' on the popular show 'Sway in the Morning' on Sirius XM Radio. While the concept of inviting artists to freestyle over random beats isn't novel, Sway has elevated it to an art form, setting an unparalleled standard in the industry. Comparing this phenomenon to Michael Jackson's moonwalk, it's safe to assume that other hosts might have attempted a similar approach in the past. However, Sway stands out as the best, a fact attested not just by my opinion but also by the YouTube community. To gauge the authenticity of any content, one only needs to read the honest and passionate opinions shared in the YouTube comments section of popular videos featuring Sway's interviews. His unique style and genuine passion for music have truly set a gold standard in the realm of musical discovery. The 5 fingers of death will make or break an artist or fraud. Not everyone can handle it. I remember watching an interview where I wish he would call out the frauds by name where he would bring artists on and they themselves would say I am cool with the interview but I am not trying to come in there and rap. That’s like me having a show on TV where I interview basketball players where people tune in to here me talk to athletes about the fundamentals of basketball and them telling me I’ll talk but don’t ask me to dribble, shoot, or dunk though. If consider yourself to be a lover of music regardless of genre, love a real MC, can appreciate hip-hop check out King Los. Literally one of my favorite artists that Sway introduced me to via the 5 fingers of death. Check out the below video below of the epic true freestyle flow of a real MC destroying the mic. This is real talent, real music. For more music and culture check out the SwayUniverse For the latest and greatest from King Los check out his latest work God, Money, War on iTunes #SWAYINTHEMORNING #HIPHOP #KINGLOS #REALMUSIC #REALHIPHOP #swayuniver

  • Unlocking Success: 7 Reasons Why Every Musician Needs Split Sheets

    Split sheets are essential documents for musicians, especially in situations where multiple individuals collaborate on creating a musical work. Here are several reasons why musicians need split sheets: 1. Clear Documentation of Contributions: Split sheets provide a clear and written record of who contributed to the creation of a song. This includes songwriters, composers, lyricists, and anyone else involved in the creative process. 2. Ownership and Copyright Information: They specify the percentage of the song owned by each contributor. This is crucial for establishing ownership rights and determining how royalties will be divided in the future. 3. Avoids Disputes and Misunderstandings: Having a written agreement prevents disagreements and misunderstandings among collaborators regarding their respective contributions and entitlements to royalties. 4. Simplifies Royalty Distribution: Split sheets simplify the process of distributing royalties. Performance rights organizations and other royalty collection agencies rely on these agreements to distribute payments accurately. 5. Facilitates Future Dealings: When a song becomes successful, there might be future opportunities for licensing, covers, or collaborations. Having a clear record of ownership makes negotiations with third parties much smoother. . 6. Preserves Creative Relationships: By clearly defining each person's contribution and ownership stake, split sheets can prevent disputes from arising, preserving creative relationships between collaborators. 7. Reference for Credits: Split sheets serve as a reference for album credits, ensuring that all contributors are properly acknowledged for their work. In summary, split sheets are crucial because they provide transparency, prevent conflicts, ensure fair compensation, and help maintain positive and professional relationships among musicians and collaborators. They are a fundamental tool for establishing a clear understanding of the business aspects of music creation.


    From the creative minds of Joey “Stix” & Terrance “Mac” comes Move Something, a live music dance party / concert experience held at Brooklyn Bowl in Philadelphia in partnership with Live Nation. Stix and Mac are really on to something special with this one. When coming to a Move Something dance party expect to encounter an elevated elevated club / concert experience, with a lineup personally curated by Stix and Mac featuring the best local DJs, Musicians and Artists alike ready to party. Hosted by Queen Jo who was just super fun the entire night and a great ball of energy. Sheddin was able to sit down with Queen Jo for a quick interview to give her thoughts on the event, you can check out or interview with Queen Jo and a few of the other featured acts that were on the main stage below. From covering a lot of events wether you’re an artist or DJ no one likes playing to a dead crowd full of wall flowers but with the structure of Move Something featuring DJs and not just as an interlude between bands setting up they were able to always keep the energy high and the people engaged and that was just so refreshing to see. Looking into the crowd we saw every shade in the crayon box represented, and its just something really fun about the power of music and how it can bring all types of people together. Here are our quick take aways from Move Something For artists / DJs Move Something great platform to showcase your talent at a notable venue to network and get new fans. Tired of the typical “club scene” but want to get dressed up to have a fun night of partying Move Something is your spot Get on the bandwagon now, it would be dope to see this event tour at all the other Brooklyn Bowl locations Theres always something entertaining going on, wether its talking to a vendor or just grabbing some shoes to go bowl there’s plenty to do for fun at Brooklyn Bowl. Cant wait for the next one! We didn’t get a chance to connect with everyone that took the stage but want to also shout out the co-sponsors of the event Soundroom and REC Philly. Special shout out to all the artists that stopped by our cameras to chat, be sure to follow them on instagram! Check out the videos below of the artists we were able to chat with during the event.


    Angelo Vivo, a rising star from the San Francisco Bay Area, stands out as one of the most dedicated independent music artists on the rise. In an era where the music scene is often flooded with artists relying on superficial talents and quick routes to stardom, Vivo's genuine passion and relentless work ethic shine brightly. He is steadily carving his niche in the competitive world of Pop and R&B. The contemporary music industry often feels overcrowded, with numerous individuals trying to gain recognition by any means necessary. Many artists resort to deceptive tactics and impatience, hoping for instant fame. In this landscape, Angelo Vivo is a breath of fresh air. He fearlessly invests his time and effort, refusing to succumb to shortcuts. His determination and refusal to be complacent set him apart from the crowd. . His commitment to his craft and his willingness to explore unconventional paths are truly inspiring, making him a beacon of authenticity in an industry often clouded by superficiality and impatience. Supporting independent artists becomes a truly rewarding experience when you encounter someone like Angelo, who genuinely values his craft and invests in creating a memorable journey for his listeners. I took a listen to Angelo’s most recent project entitled “Wild” and fell in love with the vocals, theme, and overall production of the song. This track will take you out of your comfort zone and make you want to get up and dance like no one is watching. Not many things are free in this world but last I checked likes, comments, follows and shares still are ,so be sure to tap in with Angelo Vivo on socials or at Socials: Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Stream "Wild" today!


    To truly make a mark in the world, authenticity and unapologetic self-expression are key. AB Liva and Spade-O's album release party for "Glory" exemplified this unapologetic authenticity to perfection. The evening, meant to celebrate the creative brilliance of these two individuals, was not just about them; it was about the people. What stood out the most was the absence of egos in the room, defying the stereotype that Philly lacks support. Instead, attendees engaged in genuine connections, networking, and discussions about collaborations, debunking the myth that Philly doesn't show love. There's a palpable energy in the Philly air, indicating that the city is on the brink of a cultural explosion, and it won't be a surprise when Philly takes the lead. This event wasn't about superficial appearances; it was about the hustle, the grind, and most importantly, the music. Spade-O set the tone by emphasizing that the night was about the music, the very essence of why they entered the industry in the first place. "Glory" takes its listeners on a musical odyssey, from anthems that make you wave your lighter in the air to tracks with beats so infectious they make your face scrunch up in sheer admiration of the bars and lyricism. Liva and Spade-O aren't just your favorite rappers; they're the favorites of your favorite rappers, true legends in the game. The album displays a seamless transition from track to track, revealing the meticulous effort invested in its creation. Much like a live performance, designed to elevate the crowd's energy and then bring it down only to skyrocket it again, this album achieves this rhythm effortlessly. It establishes a deep connection with the listener, encouraging them to appreciate the entire record from start to finish. In an industry dominated by instant, easily digestible content, stumbling upon a hidden gem, a carefully crafted masterpiece like "Glory," is like savoring a meticulously prepared gourmet meal in a world obsessed with fast food. Amidst the flood of 15-second highlights, finding true authenticity in music, as showcased in this album, is profoundly refreshing. Artists rooted in Philly have a unique advantage. The city provides all the necessary elements for success. Instead of seeking opportunities elsewhere, artists should focus on becoming the force that generates the wave. Are you the spark or the explosion? Unless your name starts with "atomic," explosions are typically short-lived. But the spark, that enduring essence, remains timeless, always relevant and always burning. It's not just a Philly phenomenon; people often underestimate their own cities. There's a misguided belief that artists must leave their hometowns to make it big. However, Philly, as the sixth-largest city in the world's most powerful country, holds significant clout. It's a city built on hustle, innovation, risk-taking, and trendsetting. Embracing the distinctive Philly style, speech, and mannerisms is what sets the city apart. Philly doesn't need to mimic trends; being true to itself has always been more than enough. Gratitude is owed to AB Liva and Spade-O, who are pioneers in the game, reshaping the city's focus and reminding everyone to embrace the genuine cadence of Philly. You can purchase and listen to Glory on all streaming platforms Follow: Ab Liva @realabliva Follow: Spade-O @darealspadeo Watch & Listen to: AB Liva x Spade-O x Lihtz-Danergous (Official Video) #HIPHOP


    What's my take on Cain's performance? Well, picture this: you're in the midst of a Philly crowd, and suddenly, you hear a collective gasp followed by an audible "Oh SHIT!" when Cain drops his verse. Philly crowds can be a bit peculiar, sometimes even bordering on the bourgeoisie when it comes to music. Just ask Desiigner about his experience performing at a 76ers game. As a fan, you need to believe in yourself because if you wait for a room full of strangers to validate your presence on the dance floor, you might as well call your Uber now. So, the fact that Cain had the entire audience grooving to his beats was genuinely impressive. Being an independent artist, managing a fan base, selling merch, creating content, and holding down a 9-5 job is challenging enough. But when you're faced with an audience that's there solely for their friends and some bouncing, winning them over is no small feat. If you can get that type of crowd to vibe with you, my friend, you're doing something right—you're unique, you're special (cue DJ Khaled's voice). To get love from a audience Philly Step 1: Be authentic Step 2: Perform like you give zero fucks It's as simple as that. You must immerse yourself in your performance to the point that even the folks who've been scowling and nursing the same lukewarm drink against the wall start feeling out of place. When you achieve this, know that you're leveling up. For me, observing the audience's reactions and body language during a performance, gauging whether they're in their own world or willing to let an artist move them, provides a unique perspective to write from. The moment Cain took the mic, I could see that he had their undivided attention. It may sound cliché, but it's true: "You only get one chance to make a first impression." If you're serious about your craft, you always need to bring your "A" game. In business, your appearance accounts for 80% of your effectiveness, so imagine the impact as an entertainer. Ever looked at someone and thought, "Wow, they look famous"? As an entertainer, striking the right balance between standing out and not trying too hard is a challenging tightrope walk. For some, knowing what to wear is second nature, while others can throw on anything and make it work (though they too must recognize that their casual approach works for them). Then there are those who struggle with their identity and fashion choices, and it shows. That elusive "IT factor," drip, sauce, swag, or whatever the kids call it these days—Cain possesses all of it. He can draw in and captivate an audience, and what's equally remarkable is that it doesn't come across as cocky; he simply moves differently, allowing him to immerse himself in his own world on stage. I'm trying to wrap my head around who Cain reminds me of to give you a clearer picture of his artistry, but strangely, I can't. Yet, what's equally fantastic is that it doesn't even matter. When I saw Cain perform his unreleased track, "Best Friend," not only was the beat fire, but, more importantly, you could tell this guy is a lyricist. There was something about the song, with its witty lines and unexpected twists, that drew listeners in and kept the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats. When was the last time you attended a show where someone yelled "Oh Shit!" because they didn't see that plot twist coming in a song? That was my "Oh Shit" moment, because even if people weren't dancing the whole time or crowding the front of the stage, it showed that they were truly listening. And when both the ladies and gents start pulling out their phones mid-performance, you know it's a certified banger. So, if you're thinking, "I want to hear the song right now," the only way to do so is by following @cainkerner on Instagram and keeping an eye out for his next show or single drop. Show some support, love and follows. Cain Kerner: Follow @cainkerner (on all social media platforms) Listen: Spotify - Also I would be remised if I didn’t shout out Joey Stix one of the nastiest drummers and artists in Philly who sent me the invite to this show. Across the tri-state area Joey actually curates tons of shows giving a platform for artists like Cain to get exposure to new audiences. Joey is also the frontman for Joey Stix Experiment, 1/3 of the Illfated Natives and is hands down one of the hardest working cats in Philly, curating shows all over Philly putting on nothing but dope acts for the people.


    If Samoht graces your city, prepare yourself for an incredibly inspiring show. What could be a more exhilarating way to kick off a new album tour than a sold-out performance at a private loft in Philly? Massive kudos to Quincy (follow on IG @quincyartt), Q, the host, and everyone on Samoht's team for flawlessly executing such a brilliant vision. Independent artists, take heed. From both a business and artistic perspective, the intimate atmosphere this tour offers makes perfect sense. Samoht's music and performances are akin to an art installation, a one-man show conducting open-heart surgery on himself. While his music is undoubtedly for his fans, I believe it's equally, if not more so, created for himself. This intrinsic authenticity in his writing and performances is what will captivate you as new fans. In a world drowning in fraudulence and fake news, witnessing someone unapologetically true to themselves is a beautiful spectacle. The emotional rollercoaster Samoht takes his audience on during his live performances is extraordinary, with every element, visually and sonically, meticulously crafted and manipulated, akin to a conductor directing an orchestra. Attending a show at a loft, as opposed to a conventional venue or bar, sets an entirely different tone, fostering a unique vibe and camaraderie among attendees. Overhearing conversations of what brought strangers together in the elevator and being greeted at the door by a host rather than a bouncer immediately establishes an atmosphere of respect and sets the tone for a show that's unlike any other. This event feels like the most stylish house party you'll attend all year. You'll undoubtedly feel like one of the "cool kids," sharing the experience on your Instagram story while your friends lament missing out on something incredibly cool. Attending an event at an undisclosed location in your city, only revealed post-ticket purchase, imparts a sense of exclusivity. When I witnessed Samoht perform in Philly, the first stop of his OMEN tour, I felt like I was at an exclusive Grammy after-party, reserved only for close friends and family. It was remarkable to be surrounded by strangers yet feel like I was among friends. Supporting artists at this stage of their careers is vital as fans, and it's incredibly gratifying. When the mainstream finally recognizes what you've known all along, their victories feel like yours too. Sharing photos or tales of "I knew Samoht way back when he was..." is immensely satisfying. Samoht is an artist you want to champion early because these moments are rare. Don't take for granted the access you have to an artist at this stage. As Samoht's career propels forward, these opportunities may become less frequent and certainly less intimate. I had the opportunity to chat with another concert-goer and learn about what brought him there and what about Samoht's music inspired him. He shared a poignant story about how Samoht's music moved him to tears, even at work. He also recounted a time when he messaged Samoht on Instagram and, surprisingly, Samoht responded with words of encouragement. Moments like these are the building blocks for higher elevation. This theme resonated throughout the night as people shared their stories of reaching out to express gratitude, only to have Samoht respond with comfort and gratitude. While one can't expect an artist to respond to every DM, especially as Samoht's popularity grows, it's incredibly heartwarming as a fan to see an artist appreciate their fans' support with more than just a double-tap or a heart emoji. Samoht's social media presence comes across as genuine, and I had the opportunity to speak with him one-on-one after the show. We chatted more as a fan than as a journalist, offering me a different perspective to write from. These moments and the subsequent ripple effects build fan bases and create unwavering loyalty among current and future fans. My introduction to Samoht's music occurred on Instagram when I stumbled upon his cover of "Evergreen" by Yebba Smith. In less than 20 seconds, the raw authenticity of his delivery grabbed my attention, leaving me intrigued and eager to explore more. Since then, I've been an instant fan. Many can sing and showcase vocal acrobatics, but not everyone possesses the substance and power behind their words. What grants a person longevity in the music industry is enduring authenticity. Imagine someone reading aloud their diary or journal, baring all their insecurities and vulnerabilities in front of friends, family, and strangers. The inspiration and freedom Samoht masterfully infuses into his music and performances create powerful moments. During his live performances, I observed fans putting down their phones, choosing to be fully present in the moment rather than recording, a testament to the magic he creates. Samoht's live performances of "Don't Wait" and "Let it Go" were so incredibly moving that the only thing missing was an offering bucket. In fact, someone in the audience spontaneously shouted, "Pass around the offering plate," followed by a few amens. During his performance of "Don't Wait," an impromptu call-and-response developed among the audience, creating a beautiful connection with the lyrics. Samoht's improvisations at the end of the song craft a delicate balance of tension, evoking sympathy, sadness, and empowerment, all within six minutes. It's nothing short of breathtaking. In "Let it Go," another personal favorite, Samoht instructed the audience to release their insecurities, making the process seem as easy as opening one's hand. It was a profoundly powerful moment. Watching him deliver these songs live provided a newfound appreciation for his vocal runs, the tone of his lower register, and the depth of his lyrics. It's challenging to categorize Samoht's music into a specific genre or compare him to any other artist, and that's a wonderful thing. Having a sound so unique that people can only describe you in a sentence is rare. I'd describe his songs as "RAW TRUTH," or as one concert-goer aptly put it during the Q&A session, "ratchet gospel" (said with the utmost respect). His new EP, titled "OMEN," exudes an inspirational and redemptive quality, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music and be vulnerable, allowing themselves to be rebuilt. For booking inquiries of Samoht or to see where Samoht's next tour stop is visit: Purchase OMEN and other projects by Samoht on itunes at: Follow Samoht on Instagram: @samohtmusic

  • Philly's Premier Producer: A Spotlight on EVO

    At, our passion lies in providing a platform for talented creatives to reach a broader audience, and one artist who undeniably stands out is John Evola, known as EVO. In the realm of producers, where the term is often misused, EVO shines as a true gem. His exceptional talent has been validated in a powerful way – there's a legendary clip of Zaytoven hearing one of EVO's beats for the first time and being so impressed that he flew EVO to Atlanta to meet him in person. This kind of recognition solidifies that EVO is on the right path and that the quality of his work is outstanding. In a world where many producers are merely beat-makers, EVO stands tall with a genuine artistic prowess and an acute ear for relevance. It's crucial for both artists and producers not to succumb to trends. It's easy to follow the crowd, but occasionally, we must turn off Waze and GoogleMaps and blaze our own trail, trusting our instincts. Let me be clear – mainstream media attention, Twitter and Instagram followers, or even viral moments don't define true talent. Instead, trust your ears and intuition. While exposure helps, it doesn't guarantee success. There are countless immensely talented artists out there wondering why they haven't hit the big time yet. This is where steps in, discovering hidden gems like EVO before they explode onto the mainstream scene. EVO, with his charismatic aura and undeniable talent, is bound to become a household name in the music industry very soon. He doesn't just look famous; he has the credentials to back it up. EVO has collaborated with various independent and mainstream artists and producers, earning his stripes in the industry. Just like you can distinguish between a home-cooked meal from your grandmother and a hastily assembled dish from a grocery store buffet, you can recognize the notable difference in a high-quality beat. Working with EVO in the studio offers a unique sonic experience. One of his trademarks is his use of live instrumentation, combined with his exceptional drum work that truly packs a punch. EVO's mastery of the MPC is awe-inspiring; watching him manipulate it in the studio is akin to observing a world-class surgeon delicately operating on a patient. If you're an artist seeking an exceptional collaborator, catch EVO hopping around studios in Philly and NYC. If you're on the East Coast and you want to work with this musical genius in person, don't wait – collaborate with him ASAP. You can experience his brilliance by checking out his custom sample packs, available on his Instagram @evoproducer. EVO isn't just a producer; he's a musical virtuoso, and collaborating with him promises an unparalleled creative journey.


    If you believe that #FREEMEEK is solely about getting a person out of jail for a violation of probation then you missed the bigger picture. If you reference the antiquated philosophy of “if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime” to decry the outpouring of support for Meek Mills you are misguided. There is no question that the attention that Meek is having is due to the notoriety that comes with the territory but if his encounter with the justice system can cause even a little bit of change, a little bit of progress or even just shed greater light the injustice within the judicial system to promote change why be against that? Even if Meek serves the full 2 years his misfortune may be the catalyst that aids the next average Joe to not experience a gave mishandling or misfortune of the court system. Where is the harm in that? We the people are the checks and balance for our government. Yes we know that Philly schools need help, yes there are a million other things that can be protested and yes we hear you and seen all 30 posts and reposts on Facebook of your cousin still in jail for similar problems but lets be like Michael and look in the mirror for a moment. First of all did you even vote on November 7th? But seriously who is the school commissioner? Can you name 5 people in your government that is not the Mayor or Police commissioner? The issues that people bring up that are “more important” than the #FREEMEEK movement to solve and address them first start with your elected officials just to be clear. Try speaking poetically to a melody with a beat and touch millions of people around the world AND to the point that they will use their discretionary income to support your dream to continue to speak your voice. This is bigger than Meek Mills the same way Colin Kapernick taking a knee to protest police brutality becoming a movement larger than the issue in which it was originally grounded in. When ever I debate I never look to change a persons mind I look for them to understand my perspective. Once a person can truly understands another persons point of view regardless if you have your own progress can be made. Being a spectator and telling someone on stage to go left remember even if they listened they would be going in the wrong direction, you need to speak from their point of view…trolls kindly exit stage left. #freemeek #meekmillz #philly #blacklivesmatter #freemeek #free #meekmillz #49ers #colin #kapernick #Stageleft

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