Photo of John Evola by @lifeofashooter

One of our favorite things to do at sheddin.com is to be an additional platform to allow creatives to have their voice exposed to a larger audience. Without a doubt John Evola aka EVO is hands down one of the best producers in the country. There is a clip on EVOs website www.evoproducer.com of thee Zaytoven hearing one of EVO's beats for the 1st time and after hearing it flew EVO to Atlanta to meet him personally, that is the kind of validation that make a person realize they are on the right path and the quality of his work is on point.

The word producer gets thrown around so much where in all actuality most of them should really just be called a beat-maker (no shade) but to be fair even these so-called "beat makers" need to still have a certain level of talent and an ear for whats relevant to remain...well relevant . With that being said artists and producers alike please don't fall into the trap of going with wave...every now and then we need to turn off Waze and GoogleMaps and arrive at our destination by trailblazing our own path without the outside influences. Trust your gut.

Now I am saying that all that to simply say...Don't look solely to mainstream media, the number of twitter and instagram followers or someone going viral as the top form of validation for talent. Use your own ears and trust yourself. However I will concede to the point that YES...there is a certain level of heightened exposure that comes when someone "makes it" and in turn this helps at times to validate their existence an influence in this fun music industry BUT we all know of plenty of artists or seen clips on IG or YouTu