Swift Technique

Well its not everyday you run into a band that you can automatically feel is destined for greatness. Swift Technique does Philly proud with their eclectic vibes and funky tunes that just draws the crowd in. One of the best live music indie acts you will ever see. If you are looking for a group to support these guys are one of the best. I always try to make it to a show whenever they are in Philadelphia because it is truly an experience. I actually came across this band by a good friend Justin Jeffers of (www.jaybutler.com) and ever since I've been a personal fan. These guys always end up being on tour on a gig somewhere so definitelty check them out on the web at www.swifttechnique.com for more infomation on how to connect along with show dates.

Get your autographs and photo ops now, because in about 3 years, with the direction that these guys are going the only time you’ll see them this close and personal is on TV.

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