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Kid Felix continues to make waves

Kid Felix has a fan following like none other and after attending one performance you'll be checking their tour dates like everyone else that comes to their shows. This six piece rock band comprising of Jake Falana on lead vocals, John Ambrutis (lead guitar), Brett Hagen (guitar), Julian Ungerer (bass), Ken Baxter (keyboards), and John Szachewicz (drums) from Laurel Springs continues to mave waves.

Whether it is Jake toping off a performance by diving head first into the Delaware river during a performance (true story) or Kid Felix and Robbie Casablanca teaming up to do a show and running on each others sets to create their own mosh pit these guys truly know how to put on a performance. The best thing outsdie the music are the fans, the music scene is Philly is so competitive and dog eat dog you get a lot of people coming out and are "too cool for school" and cant let go and be free. Not with Kid Felix the fans add to the overall exprience with them shouting out and singing along to performances, they always draw out a nice diverse and interactive crowd. Check out their tour dates at for more information.


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