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For those of you who aren't to familiar with the "underground" music jargon, a "shed" is another name for a "jam-session, some circles even refers to it as "shreddin".
A word from the founder...
Sheddin.com is changing and growing!!! Many reached out and asked about new updates since you may have seen us out and about at concerts and open mics. We decided rather then shutting the website completely down to only a "coming soon page" we will keep a few pages open on the site. We will be relaunching www.sheddin.com sometime in the first half of 2014!!!
We are still out interviewing and will be featuring tons of new artists and musicians and something new fashion designers and artists!!! So please bare with us as we are transitioning to a more powerful site with more feature that better represents our brand. Email me directly at c.gerrick@sheddin.com with any ideas, questions or inquiries.
Thank you,
Christien Gerrick - Founder
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So hey are we missing something? A group we should be checking out? An open mic we forgot to mention? A shed that is about to happen? Or if you want to do some cross promotion with our site, where we would feature your event and post a flyer or contact info on our main page.
Reach out to us at info@sheddin.com  or marketing@sheddin.com
Philly, Philly, Philly...the underground music scene is steadily becoming erected and arriving to the forefront, especially with these two new artists that sheddin.com stumbled across.
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